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First Home Buyer Grants

Information collated below is from the SRO, however we will ascertain the information required and lodgement through the First Home Calculator Process.

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Each state has different qualification rules and pay different grant amounts. The grant can be up to Aus$15,000.00 (or even up to Aus$25,000.00 in the Northern Territory). For example, in NSW, first home buyers purchasing a brand new first home will receive Aus$15,000.00 first home owner’s grant up to a purchase cost price of Aus$750,000.00. Most states now require the property you purchase to be “brand new” to qualify for the first home owners grant.
See first home grant and stamp duties page for more information.


to be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you (and your spouse / partner) must have not previously owned a “home” in Australia. If there are 2 applicants, at least one applicant needs to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to qualify.

SRO Victoria home owners grant eligibility

From 1 July 2013, a Aus$10,000.00 First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is available when you buy or build your first new home. Your home can be a house, townhouse, apartment, unit or similar, but it must be valued at Aus$750,000.00 or less and be the first sale of the property as residential premises. It cannot be an investment property or a holiday house. The FHOG may be paid in addition to other exemptions or concessions for eligible homebuyers, including pensioners. If applicable, refer to our information for FHOG amounts available prior to  1st July 2013.

The timing of your FHOG payment depends on the contract you sign to buy/build your new home, and whether you lodge your application directly with us or via an approved agent.